Tuxedo Restaurant

Tuxedo Restaurant

"The Tuxedo may be the best restaurant in the city but the owner's lousy at cards. He's paying us in installments."

The Tuxedo Restaurant is one of racket in Chinatown neighborhood. It's the first racket in the neigborhood chinatown.

History Edit

Chinatown-Chinese-Tuxedo-Restaurant-Bar-5-7-Doyers-Street-Chu-Enterprises-Eddy-Buckingham-NYC 18-001

Slide photograph of the Chinese Tuxedo at the corner of Doyers Street and the Bowery[1] -

The Tuxedo Restaraunt racket is based on the real life Chinese opera house, Chinese Tuxedo, which stood at the corner of Doyers Street and the Bowery in the Chinatown section of Manhattan and opened in 1897. [1]


  • Unlock after you use Chinatown deed.

Cash ProducedEdit

  • Slots Tuxedo

    Tuxedo Restaurant Bonuses

    $1,000 Cash every 7 minutes
  • chance of 2x, 3x or 4x cash multipliers

Other Chinatown RacketsEdit

References Edit


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