A Tribute

Tributes are items that can be used in the Exchange to boost the percentage of respect you recieve. They are available in the store for 5 diamonds individually or in a bundle of 25 for 50 diamonds.

How to UseEdit


The Tribute Bonus Dialogue

If you have enough tributes in your inventory, pressing the "Pay Tribute" button will allow you to move up to the next respect tier. However, there is a chance your tribute will be denied and you will move down one tier. Generally, as you advance tiers, it becomes more dificult to get to the next one.
Tribute Bundle

A Tribute Bundle (contains 25 tributes)

After using a tribute, its effect will be active for exactly 24 hours before the bonus is reset to the default (100%), so plan wisely when you use them.

Furthermore, if your exchange is a high enough level and you have access to crack a safe, using tributes will increase the chance of this happening by only a small amount.

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