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Trafficking is a research topic in the Godfather Five Families.

In game DescriptionEdit

  • Introduce yourself to the right people and learn how to best use these connections to your advantage when planning and building your empire.


  • Each upgrade increases the maximum number of crew trades you can execute at once.

Level One requirementsEdit

Level Two requirementsEdit

  • Cooking: Level two
  • Steelwork: Level two
  • Cementing: Level two
  • Cash: 325
  • Food: 225
  • Steel: 225
  • Cement: 225

Level Three requirements Edit

  • Cooking: Level Three
  • Steelwork: Level Three
  • Cementing: Level Three
  • Cash: 450
  • Food: 338
  • Steel: 338
  • Cement: 338

Level Four requirements Edit

  • Cooking: Level Four
  • Steelwork: Level Four
  • Cementing: Level Four
  • Cash: 675
  • Food: 506
  • Steel: 506
  • Cement: 506

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