The Tower

The Tower (563/19) is one of the buildings associated with Turf Wars.


The Tower is a building where families compete for ultimate control. Similar to like King of the Hill, when a family takes control of The Tower they receive a Respect bonus and the opportunity to reinforce it with their troops. If a family keeps control over The Tower they receive a higher respect bonus and if they hold it until it resets there is a chance that each player who has units stationed there will receive the bonus listed. (Currently, there is no award for holding The Tower).

How it WorksEdit

Every family has a chance to own The Tower as long as they have the strength to overcome the defense forces already placed there. However a family may not own both Wall Street and The Tower. Once a family owns it they must control it to the time it resets to obtain the reward.

The tower has levels that enemies must surpass to take control. Each level is an individual player's separate reinforcements. So, if the tower had an army count of 6, you must defeat 6 players different armies.

The tower will reset at a random times of the day, making it impossible to know when it will occur. When the reset occurs every participating players surviving troops are returned to the neighborhoods they were sent from. The returning troops have a chance to bring home stolen and valuable Loot.


The tower is periodically renamed based on certain crew Tournaments. The winners of said tournaments will have the tower named after them, thus it has gone through many name changes.

It has been known as The Ambrosini Tower, The Vecchia Maniera Tower, The Mortem et Quritis Tower among others, and is currently known as The Back2Basics Tower (4/10/16).

Known PrizesEdit

  • None currently

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