The Tombs

The Tombs

"Some folks have a shorter life expectancy in prison than they do on the streets. Our boys on the inside watch their backs for some good scratch"

The Tombs is one of rackets in god father five families. It is the third racket in neighborhood Chinatown.

History Edit

The Tombs-built 1902

Postcard showing the second jail known nicknamed the Tombs in lower Manahattan.[1]

The Tombs racket is based on the real life Manhattan Detention Complex (formerly the Bernard B. Kerik Complex), a municipal jail in Lower Manhattan at 125 White Street (near Chinatown), as well as the nickname for three previous city-run jails in the former Five Points neighborhood of lower Manhattan, an area now known as the Civic Center. The original Tombs, officially known as the Halls of Justice, was built in 1838 in the Egyptian Revival style. It was a replacement for the colonial era Bridewell Prison, located in today's City Hall Park. The new structure incorporated material from the Bridewell (built in 1735 and demolished in 1838), mainly granite, to save money.[1]


  • Unlock after upgrading chinatown mansion to lvl 5

Cash ProducedEdit

  • Slot Tombs

    The Tombs Bonuses

    $25,000 every 3.5 hours
  • chance of 2x, 3x or 4x cash multipliers

Other Chinatown RacketsEdit

References Edit


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