"After years spent sending enemies to their graves, the Gravedigger's have emerged to take it on step further. They hide their trophies in places no one can find. They are stronger than any guns on the street and kill anyone they mark, leaving no traces behind."

The Gravedigger is the newest trainable offensive troop in The Godfather Five Families. He can only be trained from the West Expansion of Brooklyn.

Gravediggers are the thirteenth damage unit in the game, and the second member of the Made Men. Excluding super-troops, Gravediggers have the highest damage of all troops and, though lower than The Bootlegger, Gravediggers still boast health higher than The Skinner. They are not so much yet used to attack an enemy because they are new and relatively hard to obtain.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily against most troops
  • Quick
  • Can be upgraded via boxing
  • Needs a small amount of Gravediggers to gain a +1 point at the Boxing Arena
  • Stronger than most non-trainable troops
  • Strong against The Outlaws
  • Made Men take damage last in battle

Disadvantages Edit

  • High upkeep cost
  • Only trainable at the West Expansion of Brooklyn
  • Needs Promotions to train
  • Takes a very long time to meet the requirement to train
  • Takes too many Don's Blessing, Don's Sanction, and Don's Permit to meet the requirements to train
  • Needs to sacrifice a Undertaker for one Gravedigger to be trained
  • Cannot be crafted in Doria Airport
  • Needs a high-level Boxing Arena to sacrifice

Stats Edit

  • Health : 123,070
  • Attack : 12,365
  • Power : 16 per Gravedigger
  • Load : 150
  • Speed : 2,200
  • Upkeep : $1,300/hour per unit

Requirements Edit

Special Bonuses Edit

Trivia Edit

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