MB Duke's Box

The Duke's Box

"This box has been specially crafted by the Duke himself to wreck your opponents."

When available, the The Duke's Box can be bought in the store for a price of 7 diamonds and contains a chance to win troops bundles, training whistles, and more.

Potential RewardsEdit

Past SpecialsEdit

  • BONUS: Starting 4:00am PST on November 9th until 4:00am PST on November 10th, win bonus prizes! For every 4 Duke's Boxes you buy, win 2 Duke's Box! (No Limit) Buy 30 Duke's Boxes, and win 2,500 Bonnie Troops and 3x 50% Training Whistles! (Limit 2) Buy 60 Duke's Boxes, and win 8,000 Clyde Troops! (Limit 1)

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