The Albern

The Albern is the third and currently the latest super troop introduced in The Godfather Five Families. The Albern, alongside the Cousins (Il Cugino and La Cugina) are commonly referred to as Super-Troops.

Once unlocked, a small car will appear in front of the First Neighborhood Mansion. Clicking on the car will bring up a menu allowing you to equip and upgrade Car Parts


The Albern is a vehicle, a car to be exact, that can be deployed to a battle. Like the other Super Troops, It has a very high both damage and health points. It can even go higher if it is equipped with its parts. But on the other hand, everytime it returns from a battle, there is a cooldown period before it can be sent to a battle again. Unlike the other Super-Troops, it can be used to defend a neighborhood. If a Cugina comes to spy a neighborhood that Albern defends, it will report the player.

Advantages Edit

  • Very strong
  • Very quick
  • Can revive after death
  • Its parts can give some bonus when reaching certain level
  • Can defend neighborhood
  • Can report a spying Cugina if stationed in the same hood which was spied

Disadvantages Edit


To unlock The Albern, you need the following:

  • Level 10 Garage
  • Keys to The Albern


Extra InfoEdit

  • Like any Super Troop, the Albern can be leveled up. Its experience will increase when it attacks enemies, or it can be leveled up 1 level at a time using Cole's Motor Oil.
  • While Il Cugino and La Cugina use Attire to improve attack & health stats and add bonuses, Car Parts fullfuill the same purpose with the Albern.[1]
  • Once The Albern is level 5, Il Cugino and La Cugina can be loaded into the Albern. This means that their stats will be added to your Albern's AND the Albern will gain a bonus to its Critical Hit chance.
  • The Keys to the Albern can currently be obtained by exchanging 17 daily tokens in the daily tokens tab(discontinued as of 12th September 2015).


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