Gf LaCugina

La Cugina, an example of a super-troop

Super-Troops are special troops released that have millions of attack and health points and often have special bonuses and advantages designed to give the player a leg-up on their competition.

The respect gained from killing super-troops is dependent on the combat stats of the troop, so troops with higher level attire will grant more respect than those with lower-level or no attire. According to Kabam, these changes were made to "decrease the effectiveness of the 'boosting' strategy, improve the competitiveness of PvP events, and generally make the usage of Super Troops more strategic."


If La Cugina, Il Cugino, or The Albern survive a battle, then their Cooldown time will be shorter, while if they are killed, they experience the normal cooldown. Thus, sending super-troops alone as a scout because of their low march time may no longer be the best option.

As for the Albern, if the Albern survives Defending a location then it still has a Cooldown Time of 0, just like it did before. However, if a the Albern is killed in combat then it will have the increased Cooldown times. If Il Cugino or La Cugina were riding in the Albern when it is killed then they will also be counted as ‘dead’ and have their Cooldown Time increased appropriately.

Il CuginoEdit

Main article: Il Cugino

The first of the super-troops, Il Cugino is available after the unlock of Doria Airport. He is the most powerful of the three super-troops.

La CuginaEdit

Main article: La Cugina

La Cugina is the second super-troop and is available after the player acquires the First Neighborhood West Expansion. When attacking an opposing player's neighborhood alone without any troops accompanying her, she will instead send back a spy report, containing much useful information concerning that hood.

The AlbernEdit

Main article: The Albern

The Albern is the third super-troop and can only be unlocked after a player acquires the "Key to the Albern." The Albern works like the other two super troops with the exception that it can see any enemy spy reports for the hood it is stationed at. So if an enemy spies a hood containing the Albern, it will give a notification saying that that hood has been spied.

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