Spying is a research Topic in the Godfather 5 Families, it can only be researched in the library. Each upgrade gives progressively more info about enemy units, from the type of units attacking to the number of units deployed.

In Game descriptionEdit

Stay on top of what happens in this city and protect yourself against your enemies.

Level one requirementsEdit

Level two requirementsEdit

  • Logistics Level two
  • Cash: 300
  • Food: 225
  • Steel: 225
  • Cement: 225

Level three requirementsEdit

  • Logistics Level three
  • Cash: 450
  • Food: 338
  • Steel: 338
  • Cement: 338

Level four requirementsEdit

  • Logistics Level four
  • Cash: 675
  • Food: 506
  • Steel: 506
  • Cement: 506

Level five requirementsEdit

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