Speedups are in-game items that can be used to decrease the time on all countdown bars. They can be used to decrease march times, training times, research times, building times, advisor jail times; really anything that involves time speedups can be used for.

They can be obtained a number of ways. Some can be won in lucky chance, others can be won in Mystery Boxes. Silver and Gold speedups are also sometimes prizes for tournaments. However, all can be bought in the store for diamonds.

Bronze Speedups Edit

  • 1-15 minute speed up
    1 Minute  -- 1 diamond
  • 5 Minute -- 3 diamonds
  • 15 Minute -- 6 diamonds

Silver Speedups Edit

  • Silver speedup
    I Hour -- 10 diamonds
  • 2.5 Hour -- 15 diamonds
  • 8 Hour -- 40 diamonds
  • 15 Hour -- 65 diamonds

Gold Speedups Edit

  • Gold speedup
    1 Day -- 95 diamonds
  • 2.5 Day -- 210 diamonds
  • 4 Day -- 285 diamonds
  • 7 Day -- 400 diamonds

Pricing Note Edit

The above diamond prices are the regular non-sale value. From time to time, there may be specials and the prices will be lower.

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