MB Sabotage

Sabotage Mystery Box

"If you want to pull out all the stops in your next fight then look no further than the Sabotage Advisor."

Main article: Mystery Boxes

The Sabotage Mystery Box is a Mystery Box available in the store occasionally for a price of 16 diamonds. This box gives the opportuunity to win a Sabotage Advisor, which[[ de-buffs enemies, reducing the Health and Damage of Enemy Troops. Some Sabotage Advisors will even de-buff enemy Super Troops! There are tons of different Sabotage Advisors with all kinds of different bonuses, so the possibilities are endless.

Remember, if you want to win a Sabotage Advisor from the Sabotage Mystery Box then make sure that you have enough spaces in your Sabotage Advisor Inventory. If there are no spaces left for Sabotage Advisors in your Sabotage Advisor Inventory then you won't be able to win a Sabotage Advisor from the Sabotage Mystery Box.

Potential RewardsEdit

Past SpecialsEdit

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