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Penthouse Mystery Box is an award found in the Godfather Five Families. It can be won every time a player defeats level 10 of the Imperial State Building.

Potential RewardsEdit

Limited Time AwardsEdit

  • Now for a limited time, when you defeat the 10th Floor and win the Penthouse Mystery Box, Bundles of 1000 Delivery Bombers could be yours to command! This opportunity won't knock twice so grab it while you can. You'll have until 11am PST on November 17th to win the Delivery Bomber Bundles from the Penthouse Mystery Box. Don't waste a second, attack the Imperial State Building now!
  • The Imperial State Building is getting shaken up with better and better prizes! Now when you defeat the 10th floor and win the Penthouse Mystery Box, you'll have a chance at winning Don's Decree +10, +11, +12, and +13! These prizes will only be around until 11am PST on November 10th.
  • Don's Decree's +10 through +13 From November 7th to 10th.
  • Bundles of 1,000 Frontmen were available from October 27th to November 1st.

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