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Murder Inc

Murder Inc. is a mysterious organization within the game which uses a scorpion as their symbol. You may find Murder Inc. tiles on the map and act like regular gangs with one exception: they contain many more troops and stronger troops than regular gangs. Attack these tiles with great caution as they are heavily fortified.

In-game, Murder Inc. is often abbreviated as the letters MI followed by the level. ie. MI1, MI2, MI3, etc.

Attacking & RewardsEdit

Attacking Murder Incs of any level with troops or a combination of troops and an Il Cugino will give you the chance to win armory items, bonds, favors, kickbackstributes and Don's Decrees. Attacking with only an Il Cugino will offer a chance to win attire and, as of 12/20/2013, a much lesser chance to win armory items, bonds, favors, contracts, tributes and Don's Decrees. The items and level/quality of the items dropped varies depending on the level of Murder Inc. attacked. Tier 1, 2 and 3 attire from MI 1, and tier 3-5 attire from MI 2 and 3.

Level 1 (MI1)Edit

  • Total: 1,175 units

Note: Murder Inc level 1 drops Capital, Atlantic City and Chinatown Bonds which are needed to obtain their respective Expansion Permits.

Level 2 (MI2)Edit

  • Total: 4375 units

Level 3 (MI3)Edit

  • Total: 6,250 units

Note: To date, MI3 is the only Murder Inc. whose troops receive Combat Boosts. MI3 Combat Boosts are +25% attack and +25% health. Also, Murder Inc level 3 drops Brooklyn Bonds which are needed to obtain the Brooklyn Expansion Permits in addition to armory items, bondsfavors, kickbackstributes and Don's Decrees.

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