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A Murder Inc. Gang

Murder Inc. is a mysterious organization within the game which uses a scorpion as their symbol. You may find Murder Inc. tiles on the map and act like regular gangs with one exception: they contain many more troops and stronger troops than regular gangs. Attack these tiles with great caution as they are heavily fortified.

In-game, Murder Inc. is often abbreviated as the letters MI followed by the level. ie. MI1, MI2, MI3, etc.

Attacking & RewardsEdit

Attacking Murder Incs of any level with troops or a combination of troops and an Il Cugino will give you the chance to win armory items, bonds, favors, kickbacks, tributes and Don's Decrees. Attacking with only an Il Cugino will offer a chance to win attire and, as of 12/20/2013, as well as a much lesser chance to win armory items, bonds, favors, contracts, tributes and Don's Decrees. The items and level/quality of the items dropped varies depending on the level of Murder Inc. attacked. Tier 1, 2 and 3 attire from MI 1, and tier 3-5 attire from MI 2 and 3.

Attacking a Murder Inc gang will also net you a large supply of Resources.

Level 1 (MI1)Edit

Note: Murder Inc level 1 drops Capital, Atlantic City and Chinatown Bonds which are needed to obtain their respective Expansion Permits.

Level 2 (MI2)Edit

Level 3 (MI3)Edit

Note: To date, MI3 is the only Murder Inc. whose troops receive Combat Boosts. MI3 Combat Boosts are +25% attack and +25% health. Also, Murder Inc level 3 drops Brooklyn Bonds which are needed to obtain the Brooklyn Expansion Permits in addition to armory items, bondsfavors, kickbacks, tributes and Don's Decrees.

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