The Mastermind

"The brains behind the Operatives, Masterminds know how to bring the Super-Troops down. With the Mastermind in charge, your enemies aren't attacking you - they're walking into a trap. No matter what happens, the Mastermind always has a plan."
The Mastermind is a non-trainable defensive troop in The Godfather Five Families.


The Masterminds are the ninth defensive troops and the only Defensive-Operative-type ones in the game. They have the highest health compared to other defensive troops and highest damage after the Don's Companion, Leather Head, and John Doe. Unlike the other defensive troops, Masterminds require upkeep. Since they are hard to be obtained, Masterminds do not appear in the battle as much as the trainable defensive troops.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily against many troops
  • Quick

Disadvantages Edit

  • Non-trainable
  • Cannot be crafted in Doria Airport
  • Cannot be upgraded via boxing
  • Never goes to jail
  • $1000/hour upkeep cost



Train - Events Only Edit

This section will be added soon

Special BonusesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • According to their stats, Masterminds are more suitable to be classed as Balance-type troops instead of Defense-type ones.

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