"Have no fear, Mark "Master Plan" Chan is here! A devious and formidable Sabotage Advisor, Mark knows how to break an enemy down, get them squealing and running for the hills. You won't be able to find a good reason not to hire "The Master Plan," and you'll be hard pressed to find someone else to get the job done."

You can get the Master Plan Mystery Box in the store now. It includes a chance to win the Mark "Master Plan" Chan Contract When you hire him on your council, he'll take pleasure in Debuffing enemy Albern and Il Cugino Attack, Troop Attack and Health, and even the Health of Super-Troops!

Potential RewardsEdit

Past SpecialsEdit

  • BONUS! From 2:00pm PDT on August 19th until 2:00pm PDT on August 20th, opening the Master Plan Mystery Box will give you QUADRUPLE the chance of winning a Mark "Master Plan" Chan Advisor Contract!
  • For a limited time, you now have DOUBLE the odds to win the Mark Chan Advisor Contract! Be sure you open your boxes before 2pm PST on December 26th!

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