La Cugina

The very basic La Cugina

La Cugina is one of the two cousins "recruited" from Italy. The other is her brother, Il Cugino. They, alongside The Albern are commonly referred to as Super-Troops.


The Cugina is the second introduced Super Troop in the game. Like the other Super Troops, She has a very high both damage and health points. It can even go higher if she is suited with her attire. But on the other hand, everytime she returns from a battle, there is a cooldown period before she can be sent to a battle again. Unlike the other Super troops, she can deliver a health penalty to her target using the health poisons. She can also be sent to spy an enemy and give a detailed report about her target.

Advantages Edit

  • Very strong
  • Very quick
  • Can revive after death
  • Her attires can give some bonus when reaching certain level
  • Can spy an enemy
  • Can deliver a health penalty to an enemy

Disadvantages Edit


Unlike other troops, the La Cugina can be equipped with attire that will increase her health and attack power and also decrease her cooldown. Her attires can be obtained from the Murder Inc. A full set of Layered Attire can be bought directly from the shop. Special attire sets can also be acquired through special offers or competitions.

Once an attire reaches level 11, it will give an additional bonus. The bonus is various. Most attire will give an attack or health bonus to a certain troop, the others can increase the march size, give more respect to a certain activity, or anything else.


Gf SpyReport

Example of a spy report.

This trait is unique to La Cugina. If a player attacks another hood with ONLY La Cugina, aftter the march is completed, she will return with a spy report. This report will detail if the target player is defending their hood, the gate level, march size, any resources stashed, and finally, all of the troops that are hiding behind the gate. Upgrading the La Cugina's Suite to higher levels will determine how much information this report returns.

This feature is very useful for planning attacks on other players.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • La Cugina is the Italian for 'The Female Cousin'.
  • Her cooldown will be much longer if she dies in a battle.
  • It is quite hard to find 2 Cuginas with exactly same stats.

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