"Hatchet Men are proud of their brutal reputation and do their best to prove it right. While their hatchets may be deadly, intimidation is their real weapon of choice."
The Hatchet Man is a trainable offensive troop in The Godfather Five Families.

 Overview Edit

Hatchet Men are the first Operative-type troops in the game. They are categorized under Pulitori troops. They have a balanced Damage and Health points. They are rarely used as meat shields but can be seen frequently as the main attackers to attack a tough enemy. Each Hatchet Man requires 1 Favor to be trained.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily against most troops
  • Quick
  • Easy to meet the requirements to train
  • Can be crafted in Doria Airport
  • Needs a small amount of lower troops to craft
  • Can be upgraded via boxing
  • Needs a low-level Boxing Arena to sacrifice
  • Needs a small amount of Hatchet Men to gain a +1 point at the Boxing Arena

Disadvantages Edit

  • High upkeep cost
  • Only trainable at the Chinatown
  • High cost to train
  • Needs a high amount of Influence to train
  • Need Favors to be trained
  • Long training time
  • Needs a high-level Hangar to craft
  • Needs some strong troops to craft
  • Weak when facing most Johnny Law members



  • Level 13 Hangar
  • 6 Thugs per Hatchet Man
  • 4 Snipers per Hatchet Man

  • Level 7 Rosales Arena
  • 6 Hatchet Man per sacrifice

Special BonusesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Hatchet Man, Highbinder, and Mister Pao were Debuff-type troops, but later changed to Operative-type troops for some reasons.
  • According to their stats, Hatchet Men can also be classed as Balance-type troops.

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