Harlem is the eighth neighborhood in the Godfather Five Families. With this neighborhood, you get access to the Harlem East Expansion, and three new troops.

Acquiring HarlemEdit

There are three ways to get this neighborhood, they are as following: 

  • Win the deed by playing Lucky Chance.
  • The player can exchange 100 Bonds gained from attacking Gangs (level 8 or higher) and Murder Inc
  • Buy the deed in the store. (Usually at 15 Diamonds)
  • Purchase the deed for 1 Daily Login Token.


Below is the rackets that come along with the neighborhood:

Exclusive troopsEdit

Below is a list of troops that are exclusive to Harlem


  • BookieGo to Bookie
  • The BartenderGo to Bartender
  • Mister FixitGo to Mister Fixit