MB GoldLuckyToken

Gold Lucky Token Mystery Box

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The Gold Lucky Token Mystery Box is a mystery box available for purchase in the store for 9 diamonds.

Open for a chance to win Don's Decree +14,+15 or +16,Master's Orders,Bunch of 250 Delivery Bombers or Medical Couriers,Bundles of 500 Hit Squads or Death Squads,Bundles of 1000 Don's Companion or Leatherhead Troops,or the Luther Lonergan contract.

Potential RewardsEdit

Past SpecialsEdit

  • BONUS! Between now and 4:00am PST on November 11th, purchasing Gold Lucky Token Boxes will earn you additional prizes! For every ten Gold Lucky Token Boxes you purchase, you'll win four Gold Lucky Token Boxes FREE! There is NO LIMIT to this deal! Prizes will be distributed within 24 hours after the conclusion of the event.

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