Gio Fastidio

Gio Fastidio

"With Gio 'The Nuisance' Fastidio on your side, you'll have the necessary reputation to be the respectable Don you were born to be."

Gio "The Nuisance" Fastidio is the newest advisor to be introduced to the game. He is considered to be a Respect Advisor.


"Gio 'The Nuisance' Fastidio doesn't take "No" for an answer, and demands respect from his accomplices. Despite coming off too strong for his own good, Gio Fastidio gives credit where credit is due. Show him proper respect and he'll return it twofold. Just know that he has connections from every neighborhood, so think twice before you decide to double cross this bearded beast." [1]


  • PvE Respect IV
  • Council Room Respect IV
  • Training Respect III
  • Training Respect IV
  • Training Respect V


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