The First Neighborhood West Expansion is the second expansion found in a player's First Neighborhood. Acquiring this expansion unlocks the La Cugina super-troop for gameplay usage.


The First Neighborhood West Expansion is different from others in that it does not contain any of the regular expansion buildings found in other hoods. Instead, if contains space for regular neigbhorhood buildings and one central building that contains all of the respective parts for the Cugina, including:

  • La Cugina's Suite
  • Rug - Sets the limit for attire upgrades (the level the rug currently is is the max allowable attire level)
  • Bench - reduces cooldown by 1% per level
  • Mailbox -  increases attack for La Cugina by 2.5% per level
  • Chandelier -  increases health for La Cugina by 2.5% per level

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