Favors come in bundles of 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 3000. They are used to train Pulitori troops which include Smugglers, Undertakers, Doctors, Loan Sharks, Hatchet Men, Trigger Men, Bartenders, and Heavyweights

Acquiring FavorsEdit

You can get favors in the following ways: 

  • Win them in Lucky Chance
  • Exchange daily tokens for a Favor Bundle.
  • Exchange Boarding passes for a Favor Bundle (Doria Aiport )
  • Buy them in the store with diamonds.
  • Win them in slots from Neighbourhoods like Park Avenue.
  • Win them as loot from hitting gangs


Trigger men favor

Favors are depicted as the white cube in the cost to train section.

When training Pulitori Troops you will have to use a Favor for each troop as well as paying cash, cement, steel and food as usual. When training troops that require favors, they are automatically subtracted from your total as soon as you click train.

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