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Doria Airport
is a unique neighborhood available in The Godfather Five Families. 

Overview Edit

Doria Airport is the seventh neighborhood available in the game. It doesn't have the feature from any other neighborhoods, instead, it offers some new exclusive features, such as Troop Crafting and Boarding Pass. It is also the first neighborhood that introduces a Super Troop, the Il Cugino. Beside that, Doria Airport does not need any resources to start any activity. It cannot be attacked nor attack an enemy.

Acquiring Doria Airport Edit

There are 2 different ways to get the Doria Airport, they are as followings: 

  • Buying the deed from the store for maximum 30 diamonds.
  • Collecting bonds from Gangs and Murder Incs.
  • Buying from the daily tokens terminal for 31 daily tokens

Buildings Edit

All buildings in Doria Airport cannot be found in any other neighborhoods. Those buildings are:

  • Sky Lounge
  • Departure Gate
  • Captain's Bar
  • Coffee Shop
  • Tower
  • Flight School
  • Hangar

Troop Crafting Edit

Troop Crafting is a feature in Doria Airport. This feature allows the players to make a stronger troop from the weaker ones. This activity needs Hangar and Tower to be done, with a small amount of weak troops. A certain level of Hangar or Tower is needed to craft one kind of troop.

Boarding Pass Edit

Boarding Pass is a feature in Doria Airport. Boarding Pass can be obtained from Flight School or General Aviation Terminal. The Player can trade an amount of Boarding Passes with an item from the Flight School. The Items available at this time are:


Trivia Edit

  • Doria Airport deed could be obtained from the Lucky Chance, but later removed for some reasons.
  • Every building in the Doria Airport needs the Building Permits to be upgraded to certain levels.
  • The March Size in Doria Airport cannot go beyond 10 thousands at any conditions.
  • Doria Airport and Queens are the only neighborhoods without expansions so far in the game.

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