Don's Decree's are items used to upgrade the level of Advisors you have giving a higher percentage bonus to the categories assigned to them. Don's Decrees upgrade Advisors from level 1-18.

How to UseEdit

In your Council Room, select any Advisor; from the pop-up box select "Upgrade." The lowest decree that you can use to upgrade the Advisor selected from your inventory will show up on the right side of your screen, click the decree, and then press the "Upgrade" button. Using a decree gives the Advisor a 100% chance of updrading to the next level. Be careful, your Advisor could be jailed which will prevent it from upgrading. The decree will not be used, however, you will either have to wait out the time or use diamonds to free the Advisor.

Don's Decrees may also be used to upgrade to a level that is below the value of that Decree. For example, a +9 may be used to upgrade an Advisor from level 1-9.

How to AcquireEdit

  • Store - Some of them can be bought in the store for diamonds - many of them only for limited-time sales


  • While decress can be used to upgrade Advisors to any level below their value or (up to their value), to get the most value out of them, only use Decrees to upgrade to levels close to their value, e.g., use a +12 Decree to upgrade to level 11 or 12, do not use a +12 Decree to upgrade to level 8 or 9, because a lower, cheaper, or more common one can be used.
  • High level decrees are very valuable so use them wisely and make sure the Advisor you are upgrading is the one you want and has decent, usable stats you need.
  • Most decrees (especially high level ones) provide lots of RP (respect points), usually in the hundreds of thousands or millions. If you can, try to save them for a tournament (Advisor category) where Council Room respect is boosted in order to get the most possible respect.


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