• What are Crews?A Crew is a group of players that work together when playing The Godfather: Five Families.
  • What are the advantages of joining a Crew? - Players that are in a Crew can station units in the cities of other members to help bolster their defenses, and all members are allowed to participate in a special Crew chat. Depending on the ranking of your Crew, you can also earn special bonuses and perks to resource and Cash production! More features coming soon...
  • How do I join a Crew? - If you are looking for a Crew to join, you can search through the available Crews for your Family by clicking on the Crew button in the main navigation bar. Once you decide which Crew you would like to join, send them an application!
  • Can I apply to multiple Crews at once? - Yes, you can. However, you can only be a member in only one Crew at a time.
  • How do I create a Crew? - If you wish to create your own Crew, click on the Crew button in the main navigation bar. Once you click on "Create a Crew", you can enter the name of your Crew and an optional description to let others know what your Crew is all about.
  • I applied to join a Crew and nothing happened? What gives? - After you apply to become a member of a Crew, your application is then reviewed by the Boss of that Crew. At that point, the Boss can either accept or deny your membership. This process could take a couple days or longer, so please be patient.
  • How many members can be in a Crew? - A Crew can have up to 50 members.
  • What are Crew Rankings? - All the Crews in a Family are ranked according to Respect. The more respect your Crew has, the higher rank it will be. The ranking of your Crew determines the bonuses and perks that your Crew gains to resource and Cash production.
  • How can I contribute to the ranking of my Crew? - By earning Respect! You can contribute to the ranking of your Crew by attacking and defeating members of rival Families.
  • Can I join a Crew from another Family? - No, you can only join a Crew that is in your Family.
  • How do I leave a Crew? - To leave a Crew you are currently in, click on the "Resign" button in the Crew Screen. If you are currently the Boss of the Crew you are resigning from, the Boss title and leadership is then passed to _____________________.

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