Council Room-0

The blank Council Room display.

Council Room is where you collect and upgrade Advisors to give bonuses such as Health and Attack bonuses for certain troops or resource bonuses.

Advisors can be 'promoted' to give five bonuses and upgraded to increase the percentage of the bonuses.

The Council Room contains nine seats for nine different advisor types: War, Defense, Trade, Sabotage, Respect, Assault, Tactics, Barricade, and Law. Only one advisor can be appointed for each seat at one time.

Previously, the player was required to unlock council room seats for 25 diamonds each. At that time only the War Advisor seat was free. Since then, all seats are free to use.

How to EarnEdit

Advisors can earned in a number of ways. Attacking a level 6 or higher gang or Murder Inc of any level can award the player with a random advisor type, excluding Tactics advisors. Murder Inc level 4 may reward the player with a Tactics advisor. They will automatically be put into your council room.

Certain mystery boxes also have random advisor types or an infamous advisor.


Listed below is a list of all advisors the player may earn. Note that the War, Defense and Trade advisor may give random bonuses.

War AdvisorEdit

Gives various, but mostly ones such as combat respect or attack buffs.

An example of an infamous War Advisor is Helene Rockfeller.

Defense Advisor Edit

Gives various bonuses, but usually health buffs or reduces cooldown for Il Cugino.

Aradia "The Siren" Roselli is an infamous advisor for this category.

Trade AdvisorEdit

Gives various bonuses such as march speed, march size, jail size, health and attack.

Eileen Hu is an infamous Trade Advisor.

Sabotage Advisor Edit

Also known as the Debuff Advisor. Gives attack or health debuffs to certain troop types or even a super-troop (Only against another player, it does not affect environment enemies like Murder Inc).

Mark "Master Plan" Chan is an example of an infamous Sabotage Advisor.

Respect Advisor Edit

Gives extra respect from _____ (respect type).

Giada Valenti is an infamous Respect Advisor.

Assault Advisor Edit

Similar to The Albern, gives certain troop types a chance to do a critical hit in battle, giving them 100% more attack for that battle.

Bryan "Think Tank" Ho is an infamous Assault Advisor.

Tactics Advisor Edit

Gives health or attack buffs to certain troop types.

Barricade Advisor Edit

Gives non-entrenching troops a chance to entrench in battle, giving them a 100% health bonus for that battle.

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