Clean Up Crew are powerful troops in the Godfather Five Families.

The Clean Up CrewEdit

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Mister Snip

Mister SnipEdit

Main article: Mister Snip

Mister Snip is a member of the Clean-Up crew and is available to train exclusively in the Greenwich Village neighborhood. He is classified as a health troop.

"♫ Garden troubles? Well here's a tip: get a green thumb, Get Mister Snip! ♫"

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Mister Haul

Mister HaulEdit

Main article: Mister Haul

Mister Haul is one of two damage troops in the Clean-Up Crew, the other being Mister Fixit. Mister Haul is only able to be trained in Brooklyn.

"♫ Got too much trash? Who should you call? For waste pick-up, Trust Mister Haul! ♫"

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Mister Fixit

Mister FixitEdit

Main article: Mister Fixit

Mister Fixit is one of two damage troops in the Clean-Up Crew, the other being Mister Haul. He is only able to be trained in Harlem.

"♫ When there's a problem, And you can't kicks it, It's time to call in Mister Fixit! ♫"

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Mister Split

Mister SplitEdit

Main article: Mister Split

Mister Split is the Clean-Up Crew's health support for Mister Fixit, Mister Haul and Mister Snip.

"♫ No parking space? Don't throw a fit, just drive downtown, Find Mister Split! ♫"

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Mister Kippy

Mister KippyEdit

Main article: Mister Kippy

Mister Kippy is a Clean-up Crew damage support for Mister Snip, Mister Fixit and Mister Haul.

"♫ Mister Kippy makes a real mess when he works, but don't worry, he always cleans it up. ♫"

220px-Mister Pao

Mister Pao

Mister PaoEdit

Main article: Mister Pao

Mister Pao is a Clean Up Crew Operatve Unit able to be trained in in Godfather the Five Families. This troop, along with the Hatchet Man and the Highbinder, are the only exclusive troops found in the neighborhood Chinatown. Each Mister Pao costs the player 1 Appointment to train.

"♫ For dishes so clean, they'll make you say 'Wow! Pick up the phone, call Mister Pao! ♫"

250px-Misses Neat

Misses Neat

Missus NeatEdit

Main article: Misses Neat

Misses Neat is a new Clean-Up Crew Shock troop available to train in the Little Italy neighborhood.

"♫Those other gals, Just can't compete, With a fresh clean, By Misses Neat! ♫"

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