Respect Cityscape Image

Cityscapes (usually abbreviated CS) are objects found all throughout the city screen that as a player, you can occupy to give you bonuses. Depending on the level of the cityscape, and how long you hold it directly effects how much resources it will produce. All Cityscapes usually 5% per level of the cityscape and the opportunity to collect respect from them after a certain amount of time.

Collecting RespectEdit

A little while ago, Kabam changed how Cityscapes operate in an attempt to increase the pvp action on their servers[1].

  • If you are in posession of a Cityscape for more than 6 hours, you can collect Respect from each cityscape you have. After each collection, the timer resets again.
  • The higher the Cityscapes level -> the more respect you recieve upon collection
  • The Cityscape tab can be found under the "File" menu. You can collect individually or hit "Collect All" to collect all resources (which includes respect) from that cityscape of that particular Neighborhood.

Cityscape LevelsEdit

For the units at each level, either scout out the CS yourself or see the table on the following page here.


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