The Damage-type troops are the troops that boast high attack, but very low health compared to their damage. Therefore, they are more recommended as the main attackers of a march instead of being the meat shields. The game currently includes 13 units as Damage-type units

Trivia Edit

  • Damage units are the troops that have health points a lot lower than their attack points multiplied by 10, with the exception for Mister Haul.
    • For example, The Frontman's health points (80.000), is 5 thousands point lower than his attack points multiplied by 10 (85.000).
    • Mister Haul is more suitable to be considered as a Balance-type unit.
  • Because of their stats, Heavyweight, Bonnie, and Romeo can also be considered as Damage-type troops.
    • All defensive troops except The Mastermind can be categorized as Damage units as well.
  • Brooklyn is also called the Damage Neighborhood because all troops exclusive for this Neighborhood are categorized as Damage-type troops.


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