Burgess Bank

"Robbing a bank is easy when all the guards owe Queenie's bookies a ton of cash. Every night they look the other way so people can make their withdrawls hassle-free."

Burgess Bank is one of rackets in Godfather Five Families. It's the second racket in the neigborhood Harlem.

History Edit

The Burgess Bank racket is based on the real life Mount Morris Bank Building, also referred to as the Corn Exchange Bank (Mount Morris Branch) and Corn Exchange Building, that was a historic building in the East Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, located at 81-85 East 125th Street on the northwest corner of Park Avenue.

800px-Mount Morris Bank Building 02a brightened crop

The Mount Morris Bank Building, Sometime between 1883 and 1889 -

The Mount Morris Bank was institutionally organized in December 1880 when Harlem was being transformed from a suburb into an urban residential neighborhood, connected to downtown commercial and residential districts by the new Manhattan Railway Company lines. Construction began on its new building – which was selected by competition and located at 81, 83, and 85 East 125th Street – on April 3, 1883 and was completed on February 1, 1884.

The New York Central Railroad ran in an open cut along Park Avenue, with a (below-grade) station at 125th Street. The building's location was thus convenient for commuters as well as for commerce.

The Corn Exchange Bank eventually acquired the building and MMB in 1913 leading to a name change. Subsequently The CEB would be merged with The Chemical Bank, and that joint venture would acquired by Chase Manhattan aka JPMorgan-Chase.

The building fell into disrepair by the 1970's. The city repossessed the building in 2000 and in 2009 demolished all but the basement and main floor, for safety's sake. Developer Artimus Construction purchased the structure in 2012 and undertook to rebuild it for commercial and retail occupancy. The design, by Danois Architects, is not intended to be an exact copy of the original, but rather strongly suggestive of it, and was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2013.[1]


  • It's is unlocked after the player upgrades the Harlem mansion to lvl 3.

Cash ProducedEdit

  • Burgess Bank rewards

    Burgess Bank Bonuses

    $10000 Cash every 25 minutes

Other RacketsEdit

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