MB Bohemian

Bohemian Mystery Box

"If you want to get in on the Greenwich Village's East Neighborhood expansion on the cheap then give this box a whirl."
The Bohemian Mystery Box can be bought in the store for a regular price of 12 Diamonds, and sometimes on sale for as few as 5 diamonds.

Potential RewardsEdit

Past SpecialsEdit

  • Between 8:00pm PDT on October 7th and 8:00pm PDT on October 8th, win some Primo bonuses for buying Bohemian Boxes. For every 5 Bohemian Boxes you purchase, you'll win 1 Gold Johnny Law Mystery Box AND 1 Bronze Clean Up Crew Mystery Box. (No limit) Buy 20 Bohemian Boxes and win 1 Don's Grudge! (Limit 1) Buy 50 Bohemian Boxes and win 6 Midsummer Night's Vaults! (Limit 1) Limit 1 Prize for the 20 and 50 Box Tier. Prizes will be distributed by 9:00pm PDT on October 8th.