"He's sworn his life to protect the family and will fight to the death!"


The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard is a defensive unit that the player can train in The Godfather Five Families.


Bodyguards are the fifth defensive troops in the game. They are the strongest trainable defensive troops after the John Doe. Like the other defensive troops, Bodyguards do not require any upkeep at all. They can be seen frequently in a combat alongside the other trainable defensive troops.

Advantages Edit

  • Strong, does not die easily against many troops
  • Quick
  • No upkeep at all
  • Trainable in all Neighborhoods
  • Can be crafted in Doria Airport
  • Needs a low-level Tower to craft
  • Needs only weak troops to craft
  • Can be upgraded via boxing
  • Needs a small amount of Bodyguards to gain a +1 point at the Boxing Arena

Disadvantages Edit

  • Takes time to meet the requirement to train
  • High cost to train
  • Needs a high amount of influence to train
  • Long training time
  • Needs many lower troops to craft
  • Needs a high-level Boxing Arena to sacrifice
  • Never goes to jail
  • Weaker when facing Trigger Man



Note : These requirements can be decreased by upgrading the Tower

  • Level 10 Bolser's Arena
  • 40 Bodyguards per sacrifice