Battle report

Example battle between a player and a Murder Inc 3. Gang. Note the use of Cugino and the resulting super-Troop tab.

Summary Tab Edit

The main tab on the battle screen (Summary tab) often gives you all the info you need. It provides information about: you, your enemy, your health/attack, enemy health attack, your troop/power losses, enemy troop/power losses, any loot won (resources or objects), respect earned, the battle report number (important for tickets), the time, and the location at which the battle was fought.

Troops Tab Edit

This gives a detailed account in list form of all the troops on each side, what was lost, and what level those troops were.

Boosts Tab Edit

This tab lists all of the health and attack bonuses for each individual troop. Bonuses are no longer spread over all troops as some advisers and the Cugino and Cugina may give bonuses to only certain troop types.

Super-Troop Tab Edit

This gives the info on if any super-Troop was used (Il Cugino, La Cugina, or Albern) and its currently equipped attire.

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