Avatars are one of the ways to enhance your profile. They provide absolutely no in-game effects or bonuses - they only serve to make your profile stand out from others. There are a good number of avatars that Kabam has created, but they have been extremely slow in releasing them. Even today, 3+ years since the start of the game, many have yet to be released.

Default Avatars Edit

01 female fullbody unlocked

Default Female

00 male fullbody unlocked

Default Male

These avatars are available for free at the onset of the game. For this reason, they are by far the most common.

Lucy/Vinnie Andolini Edit

04 male fullbody unlocked

Vinnie Andolini

05 female fullbody unlocked

Lucy Andolini

The Lucy and Vinnie Andolini avatars are currently available in the store for 25 Diamonds each.

Albert "The Mad Hatter" Anastasia Edit

14 male fullbody unlocked

Harry Straus #1

15 male fullbody unlocked

Harry Straus #2

The version on the left is available only as a prize from the Penthouse Mystery Box. The Albert avatar with the gold and red attire had been previously available for defeating level 10 Imperial States Building. While both versions are relatively uncommon, the red & gold version is extremely rare and owned by few players.

Jackie "Legs" Diamond Edit

Jackie had been available as a extremely rare drop from the 8th floor of the Imperial States Building. She is currently in the Penthouse Mystery Box with the same rare chance of obtaining.

Harry "Pittsburg Phil" Strauss Edit

13 female fullbody unlocked

Jackie Diamond

As with Jackie, Harry had been available in the 5th floor of the Imperial States Building as a extremely rare prize. He is currently in the Penthouse Mystery Box.
12 male fullbody unlocked

Harry Strauss

Gallery of All AvatarsEdit

Note that not all of these have been implemented in the game yet.

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