Battle report

Example of a battle between a player and a gang (in this case, Murder Inc. 3)

Attack is a fundamental concept to the Godfather 5 Families. Without it, you literally can't do anything. You can attack other players, gangs, cityscapes, and certain landmarks in the game.

Purpose of attacking: Edit

Gangs: After an successful attack on a gang, you will receive some sort of loot in return (besides resources & cash). These may include armory items , bonds, advisers, favors, or kickbacks.

Cityscapes: Edit

Holding Cityscapes give you bonus production percentages on all resources, and also a few thousand respect every few hours you hold them

Landmarks: Edit

These include the Ambrosini Tower, Wall Street, and the Imperial State Building. Stationing troops in the tower gives you a respect bonus, stationing troops in Wall Street gives you a respect bonus and a chance to win a mystery box, while attacking the ISB will win you a Penthouse Mystery Box.

Players: Edit

Probably the most important part of the game, attacking players it what you'll do most once you are larger. Attacking players gives you opportunities to kill their troops giving you pvp respect, and can also net you resources, often millions of times more than what gangs can give you.

What units use it?Edit

You are able to use any attack troop to initiate an attack on someone else or against a gang/cityscape. The number of units you can send is based on your march size, which is able to be increased various ways.

Results Edit

See Battle Reports.

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