"If your Troops need more punch i might suggest Atlantic City. Our Damage Support Troops are the best in town."

The Atlantic City Estate

Atlantic City or AC is a neighborhood available in The Godfather Five Families.


Atlantic City is the fifth neighborhood introduced in the game. It has an expansion at the east with 3 exclusive buildings located in it. It has 3 exclusive troops, all classed as Damage-Support-type troops.

Acquiring Atlantic CityEdit

There are currently four ways to get Atlantic City, they are as following: 

  • Buying the deed from the store for maximum 10 diamonds.
  • Trading the deed for 1 Daily Login Token.
  • Winning the deed in Lucky Chances.
  • Collecting 100 Bonds from Gangs and Murder Incs


Atlantic City has 4 racket buildings with the slot-machine-interface. The player can collect cash from those rackets with a chance to get bonus cash or items. Those rackets are:

Exclusive BuildingsEdit

Atlantic City has 3 exclusive buildings located in its expansion. They are:

  • Hotel: 1% more troops trained per level
  • Convention Center: Refunds on Favors and Kickbacks after training
  • Ferris Wheel: Once Level 7, train Mister Kippys

Exclusive troopsEdit

Atlantic City also offers three exclusive troops:

Gallery Edit

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